Trigger Point Injection Therapy

One method that our dentist, Dr. Stephanie Gruenes, can use to help relieve sore neck or jaw muscles or tension in Becker, Minnesota, is through a technique known as trigger point injection therapy. Simply put, a trigger point is an area in one of your muscles that has become tight, causing discomfort that can radiate to nearby areas of your body. In this case, tightness in the neck could cause pain in your jaws or your head, becoming the contributor, or even the source, of your discomfot.

During trigger point injection, Dr. Gruenes will insert a small needle into the affected area with a saline solution or an anesthetic. You may feel immediate relief, although in most cases it can take anywhere from one to three days for the treatment to take effect. With several treatments, your symptoms may not trouble you for an extended period of time, which can last from three to six months. Although you may experience a small amount of bleeding or some soreness, the risks of this treatment are very low and the benefits can be reinvigorating.

If you suffer from pain or stiffness in your jaw or even a temporomandibular disorder and would like to explore this treatment option, contact us today at 763-262-7645 for an appointment with our team.