CariFree Cavity Prevention

While our dentist and team at Dr. Stephanie Gruenes Center for Cosmetic Dentistry will give you a thorough cleaning and exam to locate and any cavities or areas of decay and prepare to repair them in the future with composite dental fillings, why not prevent the need for a filling in the first place? At our office, we offer the CariFree cavity prevention system. Cavities are caused by an imbalance of bacteria on and around your teeth and the CariFree system uses products that contain a high pH level to attack and neutralize the harmful acids that work with the bacteria in your mouth. They also change the bacteria imbalance to help promote dental health. CariFree offers a line of gels, sprays, rinses and xylitol, all designed to help you preserve your tooth enamel and your smile. These products are designed for adults as well as children, so your whole family can enjoy the security of using the CariFree system.

CariFree is not just an alternative to fillings, but an entire system for the prevention of cavities in the first place. If you would like to try the CariFree system or simply learn more about it in Becker, Minnesota, call 763-262-7645 to plan a consultation with Dr. Gruenes.